[Info+Product] TONYMOLY Japan official website Snow Prince Limited Card Set activities + new product news

Credit: TonyMoly Japan official site
Chinese Translation: 妃茵@tripleSTW.com
English Translation: ss501fighting.wordpress.com
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TONYMOLY Japan official website Snow Prince Limited Card Set activities

Time Period: 1/6(wed)PM0:00~1/27(sun)PM11:59

Spend more than 5000 Yen on TONYMOLY Japan official website
You can get Kim Hyun-Joong Limited edition Photo Card Group A or Group B ~

In addition, spend more than 10000 Yen,消費10000日幣以上
You can get Kim Hyun Joong Limited edition Photo Card Group A and Group B (total of 6 cards)

New Products:

TONYMOLY Japan Shop Limited Photo Card set

PS: I just found this additional information from the website:

Kohoku Tokyu store’s New Year Sale is going on.

Here is the detail:

Time Period: 1/1 /2010 ~ 1/11/2010

Buy more than 2500 yen , you will have 10% OFF

Skin Care, BB cream, make-up products

All products 10% OFF! A big chance for you to shop…


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